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Writing a loop first time in python

In the last post ( Beginning with a python program: The tail ) we started from scratch how to begin with python. In this post we will advance towards writing a for loop. Before we can start that, let us understand the structure of the program. We need to know how python would differentiate between string (text), integer (whole number), float (real number) etc. Python is beautiful because it has built-in types. Let us try to understand these types. Ipython Notebook We say that you can run python directly from terminal or command-line environment or by saving a text file as and run it as python in terminal. But there is another way to run and edit scripts at the same time. This is called Ipython notebook. In linux just install ipython look at how to install ipython on linux? . If you have installed anaconda which I would suggest for windows users very strongly then just look at  how to run ipython notebook on windows?  Once you know it just type in anaconda or

Beginning with a python program: The tail

The beginning  This blog is thought for the people who want to start to learn python programming . We start with the tail because a python can swallow you if you go untrained towards the tongue. Once we will be familiar with the python, I will discuss advanced computational libraries like Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Glob  and hybrid coding by mixing other programming languages with python. Why Python? There are many programming languages which one can use. Python is good because it is simple. It uses  simple syntax compared to many other programming languages. The code is short and can be understood easily. There are though questions, if python is good for high-performance computing (the tongue) ?  There are ways to make python efficient even for those cases. Anyway here we do not want to talk about efficiency as we are learning simple programming (the tail). In few words, python is good because: It is easy to learn. Syntax is simple. It is flexible in use It is free. I