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Numpy: How to do data analysis using python?

In my last post, we discussed " How to use lists, arrays, Numpy to make life easy with Python? ". If you are beginner go to the first post of this blog.  In this post, I will discuss how data can be analysed in python?. Sometimes we have a huge number of data files and we want to take averages over some specific contents of files or want to read only some specific rows and columns. This post is not the first post about data analysis, there are many excellent bloggers and websites who have tried to explain in multiple ways how data should be analysed using python!  My aim is to bring multiple techniques together to make it is easy to use for the reader. When I started learning python, I found all the information on the internet, but I did not know how to use the information. It was very easy to do a statistical analysis of one file (python makes it one second go), but I did not know how to combine multiple files and then analyse only specific data from these files.